Posted on July 18, 2014

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” –Nelson Mandela

Sometimes, like here recently, I find myself just blown away by the goodness of the Lord.

He truly loves me and cares for me.
I am so happy.

So blessed.

It makes everything that I’ve endured these past few years worth it.
All of the heartache, tears, sadness, pain…all of it…

worth it.

Because it has brought me to where I’m at now.

And where I’m at now is better than anything I could have ever imagined.

So don’t keep any part of your heart closed.
No matter what you’ve been through.
No matter how scary it is.
Or how vulnerable you feel.

Or how afraid you are of it getting hurt again.

Keep it open.

Trust in The Lord to calm your fears.

Keep your heart fully open, so that the good and love can come on in & heal and fill all of it, since no part is closed.

I hope that your choices will reflect your hopes, and not your fears.

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