Posted on March 11, 2016

Friday Favorites: Sunshine & Glitter + The Mighty Baker



I’m starting a new thing where sometimes on Friday’s I’m going to share my current favorites!

First Friday Favorite is Sunshine & Glitter Homecrafted Home Decor

I use terms like “rustic chic” & “modern farmhouse” & “minimalist rustic” to describe my decorating style. Just image google or Pinterest search those combinations and it’s gorgeous. Loooovee.

I originally found Sunshine & Glitter on Instagram. I fell in love with her signs. I love wooden signs and her signs are some of my favorites. In fact, the finish she uses on her wood is my absolute favorite. My Mom and I used to own a boutique and we carried lots of wooden signs, so I feel like I can say that with some knowledge. The finish really shows the natural grain of the wood and almost has a natural goldish sheen to it. It’s really hard to describe, but just know it’s my favorite ever! I took pictures in different lighting and tried to get some pictures to capture what I’m talking about, but nothing really did it justice. Except to show just lovely the sign is.

Here are some of my favorites in her shop right now:

 Sunshine & Glitter also does custom signs. I had her make this one for Nick and I since we don’t have a sign like that and we’ve been wanting one. I just told her kind of what I wanted and she went from there and designed this beauty.


Funny fact: I had to tell her the year we were married, and since we were married on 10.3.14 and Annabelle was born on 10.5.15 I get the numbers mixed up sometimes and accidentally told her 10.3.15. Thankfully, I realized it when she sent the proof and got it corrected in time. Well, technically, the hubby realized it when I showed him the proof image. Points for hubby!

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop here and send me a picture of the sign when you end up getting one! Because I’m sure you will. 🙂

Second Favorite for today is The Mighty Baker


They are a local dessert shop in Provo, Utah and they are right across the street from the library. I always see their shop on Fridays after story time and Nick and I have been dying to go try it out.

They have Fresh Dutch Stroopwafels, cheesecakes, tarts, cookies, and more. It also looks they do custom dessert catering and wedding cakes. The picture above is their Cookie Butter Cheesecake with italian creme frosting we got today. Their Lemon Curd Cheesecake is also scrumptious.

Find their website here.

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