Posted on March 31, 2016

How to Fly With Baby

I’m in a couple of Mom groups and a popular question that always seems to get asked is, “Does anyone have any tips for flying for the first time with baby?” I’ve answered it quite a few times and decided to make a post about it that is easy to reference.

We flew to Arkansas for Thanksgiving last year when Annabelle was about 7 weeks. I was REALLY nervous. I was struggling with postpartum depression & anxiety and I wanted to see my family that I was missing. I wanted to, but didn’t want to–BUT needed to see them. If that makes any sense. It’s okay if it doesn’t. Nothing about PPD/A really does, except that it’s terrible. Anyway. SO, I was extra extra nervous on top of first time new mom nervousness. A hot mess (I’m a pro at that, if you haven’t already noticed). We had found a really good deal, but it required us to drive to Las Vegas and then fly from Vegas to Dallas to Little Rock. A total of about 11 hours driving and 8 hours flying round trip. Not including waiting to board the first flight and layovers. It was also the red eye. We were traveled from about midnight – noon getting there and 9pm – 10am getting back.


We were so exhausted. It was absolutely miserable. The things you do for family hah. But, it was a breeze otherwise. I was prepared and it totally helped.

11 Tips For Flying With Baby:

  1. Make sure your diaper bag is roomy. If your normal diaper bag is small, use a back pack or something else for the traveling part of your trip. Most airlines do not count your diaper bag as your personal item! So you can have your carry on PLUS your personal item (purse, backpack, etc) PLUS your diaper bag! It’s great when the airline you’re flying requires you to pay for all of your checked bags & you want to carry on yours to save money. Double check your airline’s policy to make sure.
  2. Pack all your feeding essentials in an easy to access area of the diaper bag. If you’re breastfeeding, make sure you have whatever supplies you need + use (cover, nipple shield, etc.). Try a nursing scarf, you can just wear it until you need it. If using a nipple shield, I would make sure you bring two actually. Those things are hard to find sometimes if you drop it. It you’re bottle-feeding, have plenty of bottles. If you’re needing to feed baby while on the go in the airport, check out The Beebo. It will allow you to have a hand free when feeding incase you need to carry something else while rushing through the airport and baby is not having it.
  3. Ready to Feed Formula. If you’re using formula, Ready to Feed formula is AMAZING. It’s more expensive than the powdered, but it’s worth it when you’re traveling. Doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Just shake and then pour in the bottle. You can have over the normal liquid amount for baby + children’s items and they don’t need to be in ziplock bags, so you can either bring the small 2 ounce size containers of the ready to feed formula or the bigger jugs. And take more than you think you’ll need.
  4. Pacifiers. Pack more than one. No explanation needed.
  5. Pacifier wipes. Airports are dirty. You can quick clean the pacy that dropped on the floor with this. Also can be used in a pinch if you’re out of clean bottles and don’t want to use the plane’s soap to clean it.
  6. Hand sanitizer. This is a MUST for any diaper bag. Make sure you can get to it easy. My baby was early + wasn’t old enough to have her first round of vaccinations yet, so I was REALLY worried she would get sick. Did I mention airports are gross and dirty and people everywhere?? Sanitize. Everything.
  7. Baby wrap or carrier. I love my Solly Baby wrap! This was a lifesaver. We didn’t check our bags, so we needed our hands free when walking through the airports. Seriously seems like some are miles long.
  8. Inflatable pillow. I received a free inflatable boppy type pillow in a bag of goodies when I left the hospital and I thought it would be amazing to use when traveling. IT WAS. It helped the back + shoulders so much. Here’s one that is similar to the one I got. But, maybe check your pediatrician’s office as they get free things like that all the time.
  9. Check your airline’s policy on identification for your baby. TSA does not require identification for those under 18. Unless you are flying International, which requires you to have a passport for your baby. Each airline has their own policies on required identification, so you’ll need to check your airline’s policy by searching online or calling. We flew United Airlines and they only require you to bring ID if your child is 5 years or older. However, it wouldn’t hurt to bring a copy of the birth certificate. We didn’t because I realized I didn’t have it and forgot to send in the request. I was freaking out when we were packing and was SO happy that United didn’t require it.
  10. Ask for your own row if it’s not a full flight. We asked on one of our flights and it was so nice to have the extra room. The flight attendants said we had to wait until after everyone boarded to make sure there was room but they were super friendly and let us move after everyone boarded.
  11. If you know anyone in the area you’re traveling to, ask if you can borrow a carseat and stroller to use while you’re there. You can bring your own on your flights but we decided it was too much of a hassle for us and we didn’t. See if your friend has one or knows someone who has one you can borrow.

Well, there you go! I hope these tips helps!

Do you have any tips for traveling with baby? Comment below and let me know!

Here’s a cute little video by TSA that has also has some tips:

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  • Reply lifewithmylittles March 31, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    These are all such great ideas! We flew when our son was first 3-months, and then I flew with him once when I was 5 months pregnant by myself, and being prepared is so important!

    • Melissa Anderson
      Reply Melissa Anderson April 1, 2016 at 1:52 pm

      Thank you! Flying by yourself with a baby + being 5 months pregnant?? You are amazing!

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