Posted on March 10, 2016

Teething Tips & Favorites + DISCOUNT CODE

Annabelle started teething at 2 months. Yes. 2 months.
I blame it on the husband. He had his first two teeth pop out at 2 months.

I had to figure out teething remedies quick. I am a first time mom and in no way am I an expert but I hope some of these tips that I found & have done & am doing can help. I’ve also found some of my favorite teething toys + drool bibs and have a discount code for my readers so read on!


#1: Tylenol
It’s hard for all babies when they are teething, and especially when they are as young as Annabelle was when she started. She started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks (I know, I’m sorry…don’t kill me!) and she was still doing good when she started teething. But, when you add teething to the 4 month sleep regression–it’s a mess. She was waking up a few times at night and we had been spoiled for so long that it was definitely hard.

On the really bad nights, we would give her Tylenol and she would sleep through the night. Which was pretty much every night there for a couple weeks. I figured that I want a pain reliever when I’m hurting and my baby would definitely want one too. The pediatrician had given me a nice chart for dosing instructions by weight at her 2 month check up when we told him she had started teething. It came in handy.

#2: Lots of cuddles
My girl needed lots of cuddles on her hard days. I would put her in my Solly wrap and try to get things done, but on the hard days–she didn’t want that. She wanted my arms tightly around her for most of the day and so I did just that. Sitting on the couch. Getting nothing done. I know this will be much harder when we have more than one kid. But, I had to remind myself that cleaning and everything else can wait. I gave her all the snuggles I could.

#3: Nose Frida + Saline Spray 
My babe had a lot of drainage when she was teething. Having a stopped up nose is not fun for a baby, especially an already hurting & cranky teething one. I used the Nose Frida daily. You want to first spray the nose will saline spray (I use Boogie Mist) and wait a few seconds before using the Nose Frida. There’s a filter and there is NO way your baby’s boogers and snot will get into your mouth. It’s not as gross as it seems and works WAY better than any other nose sucker or bulb out there. Get one. Get your friend’s one for their baby shower. You need it.

#4: Teething Tablets
There are mixed views on Teething tablets. There are mixed views on SO many parenting things. You do you. I use teething tablets and I feel like it definitely helped/helps my girl. We use Orajel Naturals.

#5: Amber Anklet
This is right there with teething tablets on people being skeptical about them. I was too but thought I would try it. I feel like they worked for us. I went with an anklet instead of a necklace because Annabelle was still SO tiny and petite so none of the necklaces fit. The anklet would fall off too if we didn’t have a sock on. In fact, we lost it a few weeks ago 🙁 and I could definitely tell the difference in my girl when we did. I got this one.

#6: Get good teething toys + drool bibs 



It is SO important to get good toys that are great for tiny teethers and tiny hands. My babe started teething really young, so I had to find toys that she could easily hold and grab.
#1: Feltman + Co Teether
Their double ring, helix bead teether are so great! I first heard of them while doing a photoshoot with a couple of local photographers for a Mama + Little series featuring some of their baby/child favorites. Annabelle loved playing with it. I knew I had to get her one. Click here to visit their shop. This is the one we have.


#2: Finch Designs Cotton Fabric & Wooden Ring Teether
I found Finch Designs at the same photoshoot I mentioned above. I LOVE Finch Designs and the lady behind it. SO sweet. And she thinks Annabelle is the cutest thing ever, which never really gets old to hear ;). She has the cutest shop with more adorable things, like the plush elephant in the picture below. Check our her shop here. This is the one I bought a few days ago and am in love with! I pretty much love all things floral.


The above two photos were taken by Mandi Rae Photography

#3: Sophie the Giraffe
I really wasn’t sure about this one because of all they hype about it. Everyone has it. Is it really worth the price? But it is. I haven’t met a baby that doesn’t love Sophie. Annabelle LOVES the squeaker part too. It’s pretty much how I get to her keep smiling when I’m taking her photos. My Instagram feed is full of Sophie hanging around. You can buy your own Sophie here.
#4: Wubbanub
We sold Wubbanub pacifiers in the shop my Mom and I used to own and they were a best seller. I definitely kept a few for when I had my own little. Annabelle loves when we rub the pacy on her gums back and forth really fast and make squeaky noises. They are also so nice when babes are little because the pacifier isn’t falling out onto the floor all the time and baby can easily find it again by turning their head when they turn and lose suction on it. You can buy one here.


My final teething favorite that isn’t included in the picture above are these bibdanas by Preppy Littles.

Since Annabelle was so tiny and small when she became a drool monster, NONE of the bibs I had fit her. They were too loose around the neck and still got drool all over her clothes. They were pointless. Insert Preppy Littles bibdanas. They have 2 snaps on each end, so you can adjust the size to fit your little one perfectly! The shop owner is in Canada but shipping is so fast and affordable. I feel like I get all my orders from her before all my US ones.

Use code BRANNABELLE16SHARE for 15% off your order at Preppy Littles

I hope these teething tips & favorites help!

Do you have any teething tips and favorites? Comment below and let me know!




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