Posted on July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Let me start this off by saying that WE’RE HOMEOWNERS!!!! AHH!!

SO exciting and scary and fun and messy and all the things. I love our new house! SOO happy to be back in the South. Alabama is treating us amazing. I’ll post pics once boxes are unpacked and it looks somewhat presentable. The VERY first thing we did was fix up my photography studio downstairs so I could begin taking clients. Thank goodness because I needed to get some photos of these awesome products so I could show you guys some of my favorite things right now!

Tranquilo Mat

I first heard of the Tranquilo Mat at the Blossom Newborn Workshop I attended. It soothes your baby by creating different vibrating sensations and a soft hum. It’s MAGIC. You can get a small or a large size. I have the large size and use it for Annabelle for car rides or when the cray is too much to handle and for the squishy little newborns I have come visit me in the studio for their photography session! They LOVE it. It helps calm them like no other. AND the actual mat is WATERPROOF and has an outer cover that can be taken off to wash which is  NECESSITY for newborn photography. You get all kinds of poo + pee + spit up on you everything so that is a huge must.

IMG_4519 IMG_4539



Social media + blog posts can make it look like some people are doing all. the. things. perfectly. while others of us are beautiful hot messes. So whenever I can, I like to introduce a little reality check in the form of a very un-Pinterest-worthy detail from my perfectly imperfect real hot mess life. My hope is that it’s a helpful reminder to all of us that NO ONE is perfect, even though it may seem like it.

It really helped to control this cray that was going on during the photoshoot:



hahah she was done with the photoshoot and then I put her on this and after a second she was like…huh…interesting.


The UnderBib is another genius product. It attaches directly to a baby’s clothes via magnetic tabs and lies underneath to protect their skin from drool without covering their adorable outfits. UnderBib Apparel has a bib built discreetly into the clothing so the baby can drool directly on the outfit and still stay dry underneath without the need of traditional bibs which don’t always look good with some of the outfits I have for Annabelle. We got one of their onesies with the bib built in and while her whole front was covered in drool like always, her chest was completely dry and not irritated from the wet clothes rubbing on her super sensitive skin (she gets that from me, sorry babe). We LOVE it! Annabelle is wearing it in all the photos in this post. They have all sorts of cute onesies to choose from or you can buy the UnderBib to put directly on whatever outfit your little one is wearing. It’s a great product! Perfect for my little 9 month old with 8!!! teeth (she gets that from her daddy, sorry babe).

IMG_4436 IMG_4496 IMG_4498

Knot Just a Stitch (cute name, right?)

The handmade headbands by Knot Just a Stitch are SO CUTE! I’ve been using them on Annabelle and can’t wait to to use some in my newborn sessions. They are carefully crafted and great quality–you can tell they will last! My favorites are her crocheted headbands!! I lovvvee them! In our house–you can’t EVER have too many bows. Like never. Ever. All the bows. All the time.


IMG_4475 IMG_4514 IMG_4510

And yes, I do have to bribe my daughter with puffs to take pictures of her now!



Go check these products/shops out and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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