Posted on August 23, 2016


Sometimes Okay, ALL of the time, I look at my baby girl and am blown away by her beauty. Her heart. Her smile full of teeth. Her everything. When I was pregnant with her I told Nick that I could feel her. Not just physically, but feel HER. Her spirit. Who she was. And she felt like a field of pretty pastel wildflowers blowing in the wind. Soft and peaceful. He thought I was crazy, naturally. But that’s our Annabelle Lynn. She’s the sweetest thing ever. So relaxed. She started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old and has always been super easy and chill for the most part. She’s SUCH a sweet little darlin’.

head turbans by pleather pants by

head turbans by
pleather pants by

I can’t believe she will be 1 year at the beginning of October! I’ve started planning her party! If you know of any good shops that I need to check out for outfits, party supplies, etc let me know in the comments below!

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