Posted on September 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

Guys. I have been SO BUSY with my photography business (Let’s Find Joy Photography). It’s a HUGE blessing. I didn’t think it would take off so quick after moving here to Alabama but it has and I’m so thankful. However, it has been this blog on the back burner. I apologize for the lack of posts on here! Be sure you’re following me on Instagram (@letsfindjoy or to keep up with daily happenings (LOVE the new stories feature).

I’ve got a great round of favorites for y’all this week. I’ve been trying out some AMAZING new products.

First up is Good Word Candle Company. I love me some smelly good things and essential oils. They put the two together and create scrumptious candles. And can you just look at that quote?? “Choose Joy” It’s like they KNOW me. And the tea light candles are so cute. qa

Element Boutique has the cutest handmade items! Her crochet skills are AMAZING. She makes rompers, and teethers, and bonnets and everything cute. They are SUCH GOOD QUALITY. I was blown away. Stay tuned to my photography page and instagram for some pictures of her rompers!

Okay, I may have been lazy and stole this picture from my instagram stories. I received this Sauve Professionals Refresh & Revive dry shampoo in my Influenster box and it’s AMAZING. It not only sucks up the oil in my hair but adds VOLUME. That’s a huge plus. And it smells yummy. Win.

Can I tell you just how much I love the Holsters from Holster Brands? They have holsters to hold your curling iron, straightner or blow dryer. and a hobby holster to hold your glue gun or sewing essentials! They stick to any flat surface with magic! Okay, not real magic. But, it’s like magic. I have no idea how it works but it does. It just does. I promise. You can find them at your local target too!

Last, but certainly NOT LEAST is Lularoe! Y’all. I’m obsessed. I am usually one when there is a craze about something to automatically hate it and not want to try it. But I decided it was time. Sweet Cortney sent me the cutest outfit and I love it. I’ve worn it out and about running errands, out to eat, for a maternity session, and a newborn session. SO COMFY. When you do newborn sessions, comfort is so important. You’re in an 80-85 degree room for 2-4 hours squatting the whole entire time and calming a baby into sweet poses. IT’S HARD WORK. These leggings are so comfy for it and I don’t have to worry about rearranging my clothing when I’m squatting the whole time. They are literally like clouds and puppy kisses cuddling my legs. I now own 5 pairs of leggings and I’m not stopping any time soon. The shirts are perfect too. I want to try the Ana dress next! Go check out Cortney’s group by clicking here and follow her on instagram!

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